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Buy Gold On Strong Dollar or Buy On Weak Dollar? March 28, 2015

Since 2009, market participants have been expecting the demise of the US dollar. For years we were told that quantitative easing was going to cause pain to all those who dare hold dollars.  And, for years, we were also told that the same quantitative easing was going to cause a parabolic rise to metals.  It is now six years after our first round of quantitative easing, and how have most fared in following the common themes within the dollar and gold markets?  Well, not too well.

Wave iii Rally? February 12, 2015

With the market pullback under 2064ES last night, it does place questions into my mind is this is indeed the wave (iii) in green break out.  Ideally, it should not have broken below that.  In order for me to view this as wave (iii), ideally want to see us holding over 2071ES and going directly to the prior all-time highs today, and then gapping over that tomorrow.

Has USO Finally Bottomed? January 20, 2015

A week ago , I noted to members that "as long as USO remains below the 19.05 level, we have another extension that points us towards the mid 16 region before this bottom is found." And, as we now know, the market maintained corrective action below the resistance region, and marked a bottom, pre-market, at 16.77 before it began a strong rally. Yet, amazingly, I cannot say that a bottom has been struck just yet.

Final Decline Phase for Precious Metals November 2, 2014

While I was uncertain about GLD’s downside set up last weekend, silver was a lot cleaner.  As the week progressed, the downside set up in GLD did become a little clearer, and we were able to set resistance levels and move them down as the metals continued to maintain downside pressure throughout the week.

Has the Breakdown in Gold Been Averted for Now? September 28, 2014

While the GLD had the set up to break below the 2013 lows early this past week, and chose to invalidate that set up, it is starting to become more likely that the earliest we will see such a break down would be several weeks away.  The reason I say this is based upon our silver chart, which has served us well over the last few months.  And, at this time, silver has what looks to be an almost full pattern into the bottom of wave (v) of 3 of iii, which came within .05 of our ideal target.

Will Gold Ever Break Down? September 21, 2014

Yes, silver has finally done it.  It has broken strongly below support, and if I was just looking at silver alone, I would assume that we are on our way to a final bottom in metals in the October-November time frame, with an ideal timing of Thanksgiving. However, silver does not live in a vacuum, and neither do I.  So, I clearly have to view gold’s action this past week as well, and it does make me scratch my head a bit in wonderment.

Still Bearish on Metals, but Watching for Possible Reversal September 7, 2014

Silver was the clear “tell” to last week’s decline.  And, at this point in time, it is still set up for further bearishness.  But, the extent of that bearishness is still at question.   With the amount of positive divergences I am seeing on all time frames on silver, I would ordinarily be going long in this region.  However, since I do not have a solid bottom in place, nor do I have a solid completed bottoming structure on this decline YET, I am trying to be patient.

Silver & Gold: Bearish but Becoming Skeptical September 1, 2014

Most times I am able to provide you with high probability turning points in metals, which often are struck to the penny, thereafter seeing the expected turn in the market.  Other times I have to take a more general approach, since the smaller degree perspectives are not clearly evident to me. Today, I find myself in the latter, rather than the former, perspective.

USO: No Signal Yet For a-wave Bottom August 24, 2014

With the USO seeing a rebound last week, but maintaining below the 35.80 resistance noted last weekend, we have subdivided lower in a rather sloppy wave structure.  At this time, I still cannot confidently state that the a-wave to the downside has completed, and think there is still some more weakness that can be seen.  For now, I will look to the 35.

Interrelationships of Dollar, Metals & ES July 27, 2014

With the way different markets have been moving together and others seemingly inverse each other of late, I wanted to take the time to write a “linear” perspective of what I think we can see if such linear relationships continue, which is also supported by the various patterns I am seeing.  But, remember, I am attempting to apply some recent linear perspectives to a non-linear market, which sometimes winds up in “defraculation,” as el Hombre likes to put it.

Silver & Gold: Short Side Is Definitely Getting More Difficult June 17, 2014

Last week, I began to lay the ground work in explaining that the short side to the market is probably going to get more complicated, as the easy money on the short side has been made from the market top we identified at 133 down to our last target of 119 in GLD. But, no matter what happens over the next month or two, I want to make one thing clear.

Have We Begun The Larger Correction? March 13, 2014

With the drop Wednesday morning below 1860ES, we were able to find support at the midline level Fib level I discussed in the Weekend Update at 1853ES. While I ideally wanted to see us heading down to the 1845ES region, the 1.618 extension down, to develop an impulsive wave off the highs, it is clear that this is not going to be the case, and the market is going to make this much harder for us in not providing a clear 5 wave structure off the high.

Much Lower Levels Have Become Likely in USO January 12, 2014

  Two weeks ago, we knew we had a high probability top in place in the U.S. Oil Fund ETF (USO).  Our question only centered around whether it was a (b) wave top or an impulsive 5th wave top.  With the break down this past week, the market resoundingly told us that no impulsive structure to the upside was going to be tolerated.

USO Almost at the Bottom November 10, 2013

As we have been expecting lower levels to be struck in the US Oil Fund ETF (USO), it does not seem reasonable to expect more than one more decline at this, at least based upon the extended count and the MACD set up. While one may consider that the last low was the bottom for this drop, when I look a bit more closely at the 13 minute chart for the USO, it would seem like the market is setting up for one more 5 wave decline which lines up very nicely with our next lower target in the 33.15-33.20 region.

Still No Bottoming Signal for USO November 3, 2013

While many were trying to go long oil a week ago, I tried warning that the technicals and the pattern were not providing us with a bottom being in place, and to await another decline to present us with a tradable low.  In fact, the market turned down exactly at the first resistance level I kept noting at 35.60. Furthermore, last week I provided an initial target where a potential bottom may occur in the 34.20-34.

Tradable Low in Oil Should Be Upon Us October 28, 2013

Last weekend, I harped on the fact that the USO chart was quite unclear, and “while our 36.20 support region has still basically been holding, it is quite possible that it may break this upcoming week.” However, with the continued downside we saw this past week, the USO chart has provided a bit more clarity.  In assuming that the shallow retracement back up which we saw last week was a b-wave, the drop we witnessed this past week seems to be a c-wave.

USO: Has The b-wave Completed? October 20, 2013

I have always discouraged traders from forcing a trade on a chart that does not provide a clear pattern.   And, right now, there is no smaller time frame clarity in the US Oil Fund ETF (USO) chart.  It is not a chart to which I would be allocating any trading money at this time, no matter what it does from this point forth.  Or, not at least until I see a clear pattern I can comfortably trade. While our 36.

USO: I Still Want To See A Clearer B-wave High October 13, 2013

This past week, we saw the US Oil Fund ETF (USO) come even closer to our 36.20 support level with a low of 36.40, as opposed to last week’s 36.40 low.  It is clear to me that if that level does break, we will likely see much lower levels in a larger a-wave of this large degree retracement in USO. So, while it is “possible” that the b-wave completed at last week’s high, I still think we may see another attempt to push towards the 38.30-39 region before a solid b-wave is in place.

Do We Ever Learn From The Past? October 6, 2013

  Human nature often allows us to ignore the past rather than allow us to learn lessons from the past.  We always think that “this time is different.”   In fact, there is tremendous capacity within the human mind to not allow individuals, and especially the public at large, to be burdened by the lessons of history, and believe that we are in a new era in which the old rules no longer apply. We clearly saw this during the times of the Great Depression.

USO Bottoming? September 29, 2013

In my humble opinion, the best way to count this drop thus far is a larger degree a-wave of either a wave 2 pullback, or a deeper e-wave in a larger degree b-wave triangle.  Based upon the technicals, we will likely see a bottom soon and it would not shock me to see the 36.20 Fib level hold on this decline.   However, I still only believe that this is just the start of the decline.

Has USO Begun the Decline? September 23, 2013

The drop from the recent highs has looked quite overlapping thus far, which still leaves the door open to another rally in USO before it tops. However, we can also view the drop as a leading diagonal off the top, or even being an a-b c-structure off the highs. What all this means is that there is no clarity in the drop off the highs.

USO About to Drop? September 16, 2013

  The USO broke down a bit more this past week, but then pushed its way back into the uptrend channel.   So, while I cannot be certain that we will see another high being made in the USO, I think the probabilities are still pointing to much lower levels yet to be seen, even if one more high is seen.

Awaiting Next USO Rally June 2, 2013

  Oftentimes, we can see a pattern develop which does not necessarily invalidate, but creates the wrong “look.” In this case, as we're seeing in the U.S. Oil Fund ETF (USO), while a 3rd wave higher has clearly not yet invalidated by retracing below the start of wave i, we clearly have the wrong “look” for what the start of a 3rd wave. Rather, I think we are seeing a larger b-wave consolidation.

Silver & Gold Setting Up for Rally? May 13, 2013

With the decline we saw in the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) this past week, there are two ways we can now look at the metals.  Either the decline is part of a larger b-wave of wave iv, which seems to be the way we can count silver, or it is the start of wave v of 3, which seems to be the way we can count gold.

Silver & Gold: Easy Money On The Short Side Is Done For Now March 12, 2013

In what almost felt like a deja vu moment relative to last week, I sent out a Wave Alert just before the metals snapped back off their lows, warning those that were short going into the lows on Friday to watch for an imminent reversal.  In fact, this action in silver is telling me that I need to reiterate my warnings of the prior week that shorting silver is becoming a very, very dangerous game, and probably one in which most should not be engaging at this time.

One More Short Trade Left in Silver & Gold? January 14, 2013

This past week saw the decline we expected in both metals.  However, they came up short of our ideal targets for a bottom.  This tells me, among other reasons, that we do not yet have a bottom in place.  Of course, if I am wrong, we will see silver take out the 31.50 level on strong volume, and the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) will take out the 164.15 level on strong volume.

Silver & Gold: Can We Be Uber-Bullish? December 3, 2012

The metals have now given us more twists and turns than an alpine highway. While our longer term perspective of expecting a parabolic 5th wave higher has not changed, we are still left with questions regarding from where the next larger rally phase will begin. So, let me try and explain. Last week, we still had the potential for this move up being only a b-wave high, with an expected c-wave drop to complete a triangle pattern.

Silver & Gold: Triangle Is Starting To Look Really Good November 12, 2012

Since the market began this rise from the summer-time lows, I have stated repeatedly that the pattern did not provide a clear 5 wave move off the lows to begin the rally. This has made me very suspicious of this rally even though almost everyone else was seeing this as the start of the expected parabolic 5th wave rally.

Precious Metals Correction Almost Complete? October 22, 2012

Currently, the metals seems to have completed, or may even have a very small decline still left in order to complete wave iii of a c-wave in what would be best counted as a wave 2. This means that the likely expectation would be for a wave iv corrective rally to be seen early this coming week. Such a corrective rally should maintain below the prior resistance of 170 in SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) and 33.50 in the silver futures. This should likely lead to one more decline which will likely target the .

Cautiously Optimistic on Gold & Silver October 8, 2012

Traditionally, when the metals are in a very bullish posture, the corrections are relatively shallow, rarely exceeding a .382 retracement of the prior wave. At this time, I am starting to lean more heavily towards the count that the top of wave 1 of the final wave (5) has been completed, and we are now in a wave 2.