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Anticipating The Rally In Wheaton Precious Metals

On March 13, amid a broad discussion about the emerging bull phase developing in the precious metals and miners, Mike Paulenoff posted this about WPM (Wheaton Precious Metals) to our MPTrader discussion room:From a more Silver-Gold perspective (if FCX is perceived to be Copper-centric), let's notice that WPM strength is pushing up against its near-term resistance line in the vicinity of 45.80, which if taken out and sustained, will point WPM toward a challenge of its 4-1/2 year resistance line that cuts across the price axis at 51.00... Last is 45.60...

Getting The Jump On AAPL's Short-Covering Rally

Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture to find a setup in the markets.  This was the case in AAPL recently.When I looked at the weekly swings on that chart, I noticed that many of the swings were similar to the others. I measured these prior swings and also ran some other key Fibonacci price relationships. I found a rather healthy Fibonacci price support cluster at the 164.74-167.06. area.Our charts also showed timing for this low coming on April 10.

Is The Top In Place?

Yesterday, I outlined that a downside follow-through below 5056SPX would get me to adjust my wave count and view the top as being in place as my primary count. And, when you look at the 60-minute chart, you will see that is exactly where I now stand.Clearly, I am still going to want to see a break down below 4946SPX to make that a much higher probability, but I have seen enough thus far to view it as more likely than not that the top is now in place, and my wave structure is being presented accordingly.

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