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Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - November 25, 2015

Flat Line Close

The stock market indices had a mixed session and closed narrowly mixed at the flat line. After moving up and then down, and going flat, at the end of the day they were higher with an hour to go, but pulled back to flat on pre-holiday profit taking, perhaps. Net on the day, the Dow was up 1.20 at 17,813.39. The S&P 500 was down .27 to 2088.87. The Nasdaq 100 was up 3.47 to 4672.88. Advance-declines were 3 to 2 positive on the New York Stock Exchange, and a little more than 2 to 1 positive on Nasdaq.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - November 24, 2015


It was an interesting day on Tuesday, down at the open, and then back up again, closing mixed, but there are a lot of stocks that we follow that did well, and some trading opportunities. Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - November 24, 2015

Solid Reversal For Blue Chips

The stock market indices had a topsy-turvy day, with a gap lower, and a real strong plunge to the downside, taking the Nasdaq 100 down to 4622, only to reverse sharply and run up to 4682, about a 60-point run up.

Mike Paulenoff

Mike Paulenoff - November 24, 2015

Crude Oil Continues Higher for a Second Session After The Saudi "Statement of Stabilization"

Yesterday's Saudi announcement coupled with this morning's geopolitical tensions have combined to goose oil prices higher for a second day (so far).

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - November 23, 2015


The market had a difficult session to start the week on Monday, but a lot of stocks we follow did well, and there are some new ones that we’ve been spotting. Let’s take a look at them. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACRX) was looking good on Monday, up 38 cents to 5.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - November 23, 2015

Closed Down with Slightly Positive Technicals

The stock market indices started off the week with a bang in the morning, and reached new highs for the rally, but abruptly turned, and then profit taking set in, dropping from 4707 to 4656 Nasdaq 100, a 50-point drop.