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Is A Trump Or Clinton Administration Better For SPWR & Solar? Tue Sep 20th 2016

Solar stocks in general have been in a downward plunge since 2015, with even sharper extension since early 2016. But in the last few weeks we have seen some noticeably sharper drops in the likes of First Solar (FSLR), SunPower (SPWR) and others. SPWR got hit with a 33% drop as investors did not react well to a recent earnings report lowering guidance. This fear infected many stocks, including FSLR, which saw roughly a 25% fade in August.
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Eye on 2150 in Stalling ES Mon Aug 1st 2016

The most interesting aspect of Emini S&P 500 (ES) trading is its failure to accelerate to the upside on Sunday evening after breaking above a 2-week series of highs in the 2170/72 area.   The ES popped to 2177.50 to make a new all-time high, but thereafter stalled and has since rolled down into the confines of its 2-week sideways zone between 2172 and 2152.

From Intense Fear to Complete Froth Sun Jul 3rd 2016

After two days of post-Brexit downside, the markets reversed without warning and headed straight north, which allowed the RSI's to approach 80. An over 100-point turn-around occurred on the RSI in roughly three and a half days. That's amazing. Truly unheard of. Things went from intense fear and panic to complete froth, and the need to be in at any cost.

DXY: (c) Wave Seems To Have Begun With Brexit Sun Jun 26th 2016

After the dollar pulled back correctively over the last few weeks, it seems that the Brexit news kicked off the next impulsive move higher that we were expecting.  Our primary perspective has this as a (c) wave rally in the larger degree purple b-wave.  The minimum target for this structure would be the 97.05 level.

2 Longs & 2 Shorts to Watch Wed Jun 15th 2016

Today we feature two longs and two shorts to watch in this turbulent market.   On the long side, Mercury Systems, Inc. (MRCY) is one of our Top 25 stocks, and you can see why. It has a beautiful, 2 1/2-year rising channel. More importantly, the key to this stock is that the 2011 high was taken out. The all-time high goes all the way back eleven years. It says 32 is the next target.

Upmove in VIX Points to Near-Term Fear Tue Jun 14th 2016

Today's upmove in the ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) inflicted some damage to the dominant downtrend. Let's notice that the price structure climbed above its nearest-term resistance line at 15.10 and followed through to close near its high of the day. That said, the first real litmus test for this powerful upmove off of the 9.40 all-time low is at the prior rally high print of 16.00.

S&P 500 Upside Targets Mon Jun 6th 2016

Futures are trading modestly higher this morning, which bodes well for the red count on our S&P 500 chart as wave (v) of v in progress off Friday's low. As long as price is above that low, there is a very reasonable setup to take us higher near-term, with 2118 - 2151 SPX as the potential target region above before red wave v completes.

4 Stocks to Watch Tue May 24th 2016

Here are four momentum stocks to watch in technology, energy, pharma and biotech.   Universal Display Corp. (OLED), in an up-channel off its February low, recently traversed from the top of the channel to the bottom.  But the lower trendline held, as the stock popped the last two sessions, closing Monday at 61.29, up 4.88, or 8.6%.

Top Formation for S&P 500 Tue May 17th 2016

All of the action in the Emini S&P 500 (ES) since the end of April has carved out a 30-35 point range that has traversed the range 6 times in a 12-session period (see red-shaded area), the recent of which occurred Monday.

Bears Blow Another Opportunity Mon May 16th 2016

Another blown opportunity for the bears this morning. After closing the S&P 500 at 2046, or a point below the 50 day exponential moving average, the bears had the bulls where they wanted them. A gap down this morning would have the index trading further below those key 50's and testing the 200 DMA at 2023. The futures started down nicely last night but the usual save as the evening went on.