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Mike Paulenoff

e-Mini June NDX Futures Retest Last Week's Highs, but So Far, Sellers Thwart the Attempt

The time of truth for the "recovery rally" off of last Thursday's corrective low at 5550.50 in the e-Mini June Nasdaq futures contract (e-NDM), which corrected 50% of the entire upleg off of the April low (5347.75) into the May high at 5727.25. As we speak, e-NDM is attempting to fully test its prior all-time high at 5727.25, but so far appears to be struggling to do so. In fact,, Inc. (AMZN), Apple Inc. (AAPL), and Facebook, Inc. (FB) are down on the day, with Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) 6 points off of its intraday high, suggesting strongly that the big horsemen
Harry Boxer

All-Time Closing Highs for the NDX

The stock market indices had gains today, only a late selloff prevented them from all-time highs, but they actually did close at all-time closing highs. The day started out with a big pop to the upside, particularly on the Nasdaq 100 when they went higher in a 5-wave advance. Only at that point, at 5793 did they start to give the Nasdaq 100 a late, 3-wave corrective pullback. It reached 5776, a loss of about 17 points in the last hour. The S&P 500, within 20 minutes of the close, was making a new high at 2418, but did pull back, However, they did close solidly in the green column at the

Bayesian Timing Specialist Luke Miller Joins EWT

Luke Miller has joined us as the newest analyst on our ElliottWaveTrader site.
Luke will provide Bayesian Timing analysis on a range of markets, including the equity indices, energy and metals, plus swing trade signals in ETFs tracking these markets.
An Associate Professor of Economics & Business at Saint Anselm College and an investment consultant to high net worth clients, Luke has actively traded the Bayesian timing system since 2007, during which time it has generated 30% per year.  The strategy trades ETFs long and short for an average hold time of several days to several months.  
Luke’s Bayesian timing research has been presented all over the world and most recently won Best Presentation Award at the 18th International Conference on Business & Finance in Paris in 2016. In 2003, Luke earned the Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship (top PhD student in the nation) and has since published over one dozen peer reviewed journal articles and a book in his area of expertise – investment timing decisions utilizing a novel technique he developed called Bayesian Learning Option Pricing (BLOP). 
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