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Mike Paulenoff

All Eyes On Bitcoin Resistance

Cash Bitcoin-- All eyes on resistance from 44,450 to 45,500 which if taken out will complete a four-week base formation and will provide the impetus for the Bitcoin miners to recover strongly from bear phases that have tracked closely with the decline in BTC from 69,000 to 40,000... Bitcoin Miners = RIOT, MARA are the mainstays... Last is 43.

Levels To Watch For Larger Degree Bottom In Nasdaq

Like the RTY and ES, the NQ (Nasdaq 100 futures) also still ideally needs another wave iv up and v down to finish off the wave (c) of 4.Structurally, this does look like it is counting better as an ending diagonal, under which case the wave iv of (c) should move up closer to the 15132 level before turning back down again.Howeve, from a fib perspective, this is starting to look more like an impulse for the wave (c) of 4 down.

One Lump Or Two

With the market continuing to extend lower today, I think it made it quite obvious that it needed to test our Major Market Pivot.Just to remind you again, based upon our Fibonacci Pinball, wave [3] of [iii] will often target the 1.00-1.236 extensions of waves [i] and [ii], as you can see on the daily SPX chart. That is the exactly where the market topped. And, from that point, we often pullback to the .618-764 extension of waves [i] and [ii], which is the 4096-4300SPX region.

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