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Mike Paulenoff

Natural Gas at Crossroads Technically Near Term...

And then there is Natural Gas, which again is showing a bit of life on the upside as it carves out an 8-session sideways range, or bottom, between 2.83/2.85 on the high side versus 2.76-2.75 on the low side. Whichever side of the range is violated and sustained, will trigger follow-through to either 2.90-2.93 or to 2.70-2.68. Given the positive juxtaposition of my nearer-term momentum gauges with the sideways price action, my bias is for an upside resolution to the current pattern set-up. The Model Portfolio is long UGAZ at 11.07.
Harry Boxer

Very Nasty Start to the Week

The stock market indices suffered large losses on Tuesday following the three-day holiday. The day started out gapping down, and then they continued downward, stair-stepping all day, forming bear flags and wedges. With about 40 minutes to go, they bounced, pulled back and bounced again right into the close, pulling back on some of the deepest levels, but, still, it was a very nasty day. Net on the day, the Dow was down 301.87 at 24,404.48, about 160 points off the low. The S&P 500 was down 37.81 at 2632.90, 15 points off its low. The Nasdaq 100 was down 137.79 at 6646.81, 43 points off

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