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Jack Steiman

Jack Steiman - May 29, 2015

Bad GDP...Bad Chicago PMI...Excuses Running Out...Market Yawns...Going Nowhere Big Picture...

There are two different worlds to write about each and every day with regards to the market. There's the real world and Disneyland. In this particular case the real world is the GDP that was reported in the red this morning. The number was anticipated to be negative, so no big shock when that became a reality. The market futures dropped a bit, but really nothing from nothing. The market anticipated a bad number due to the excuse of bad weather across the country during Q1.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - May 29, 2015

Week Finishes in the Red

The stock market indices had a very tough, choppy, volatile day today. They came down hard in the morning, reached support at 4500 Nasdaq 100 and 2105 S&P 500.

Mike Paulenoff

Mike Paulenoff - May 29, 2015

10-Year Treasury YIELD Points Lower

This past week, 10-year YIELD broke and sustained below key support at 2.18% - 2.15%, and has continued lower today in reaction to deteriorating economic data. The break of key support signaled to me that there is an increasing likelihood that all of the action from the Jan low at 1.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - May 28, 2015

Finished Way Off the Lows

The stock market indices pulled back as traders took profits early in the day. They tested support, but, once again, held after consolidating, coiling or wedging by midday.

Mike Paulenoff

Mike Paulenoff - May 28, 2015

The e-SPM Remains Betwix and Between

After three hours of trading, the e-SPM remains in the grasp of its pullback off of yesterday's high at 2124.25-- so far into the 2211-2110 support zone, which must contain the weakness to avert weakening the promising rally pattern off of last Friday's low at 2096.

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer - May 28, 2015


It was an interesting day on Wall Street. The markets came down, held support and rallied the entire day until the very end. A lot of our stocks are still trending. Let’s take a look at some of them. Infoblox Inc.