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Mike Paulenoff

Our Pre-Earnings Discussions About The Technical Set Ups in MSFT, AMD, GOOG Were Close to the Mark... What Now for TSLA?

Mptrader Out Front: Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 Yesterday, we discussed the directional reaction potential of MSFT, AMD, and GOOG based on my near-term technical setups, which I am happy to report, proved useful and accurate. Where are these stocks now in relation to what the technical setups were telling us ahead of the news? MSFT-- This is what my work was telling me before earnings: Heading into earnings, MSFT exhibits a near-term pattern that indicates the current upleg from 280.25 (10/04) has unfinished business on the upside that projects into the 320-325 target zone.

Market Analysis for Nov 29th, 2021

Take notes...gummy bears in sight#NQ_F $NDX $QQQ tech retracing 100% of Friday's move.Also, NQ conquered above our 15320 key level.

Big Test For The Bulls

With the market rallying off of Friday’s low (despite many telling me that the market does not bottom on a Friday), we are now approaching a main Fibonacci Pinball test for the SPX/ES.Let me explain. We use our Fibonacci Pinball structure not just to outline accurate targets in the market, but it is an amazing tool in determining whether a rally is corrective or impulsive. You see, once we have an initial 1-2 off a low, the market will then rally towards the 1.00 extension of that 1-2 structure.

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