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Mike Paulenoff

Natural Gas at Crossroads Technically Near Term...

And then there is Natural Gas, which again is showing a bit of life on the upside as it carves out an 8-session sideways range, or bottom, between 2.83/2.85 on the high side versus 2.76-2.75 on the low side. Whichever side of the range is violated and sustained, will trigger follow-through to either 2.90-2.93 or to 2.70-2.68. Given the positive juxtaposition of my nearer-term momentum gauges with the sideways price action, my bias is for an upside resolution to the current pattern set-up. The Model Portfolio is long UGAZ at 11.07.
Harry Boxer

Rate Cut Pleases Wall Street

The stock market had a down day on Wednesday and looked more like a consolidation day, but intraday, indices had a little dip, a pop and a pullback. However, it wasn’t until the FOMC meeting began and the Fed announced that there would be a rate cut, that the action began. Indices exploded to test key resistance at 3002 S&P 500 and 7865 Nasdaq 100, then reversed sharply lower to the lows for the session. They reversed again, this time to the upside, and formed upside reversal bars as they pushed through the first level of resistance and headed for the second level with almost no pause or

Welcome to Carolyn Boroden ("Fib Queen")

Carolyn Boroden, who many know as the Fib Queen, has joined our analyst team at

Carolyn is a technical analyst specializing in Fibonacci price and timing analysis.  Her book, Fibonacci Trading, was published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. She has been involved in the trading industry since 1978, starting on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  Carolyn’s work is often featured on the Off The Charts segment of CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Carolyn provides analysis of U.S. Equity Indices, Bonds, Precious Metals and Oil in a new service called Carolyn Boroden's Fibonacci Market Analysis in our ElliottWaveTrader Trading Room.

She also covers individual U.S. Stocks as host of the section, "Fibonacci Set-Ups," in our Stock Waves service.

In each service, Carolyn provides both nightly videos and intraday follow-up charts, highlighting where the low-risk, high-probability moves are based on her analysis of Fibonacci price relationships.

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