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Mike Paulenoff

OPEC Agreement Fits Into Larger-Developing Bullish Technical Set-Up

Both Oil and Natural Gas have well-demarcated, multi-month accumulation (base) formations, with Natural Gas (lower chart) having already exploded up through its key resistance zone at 3.10 - 3.36, which projects to 4.20 and 4.80 medium-term targets. Meanwhile, the Oil reaction to the OPEC (and NOPEC) out- put cut agreement merely has thrust price to challenge its multi-month resistance zone at $51.00 - $52.00, which, if hurdled and sustained, will project considerably-higher, medium-term targets at $60 and at $67 -$69. From a pattern perspective, Natural Gas is in a more advanced st
Harry Boxer

Market's Down as Semiconductors Break 5% on SMH

The stock market indices suffered a very ugly loss, particularly on the Nasdaq 100. The day started out with a move to the downside, they bounced in the morning, but went sharply lower by late morning, and then bounced just before noon. In the afternoon, they went even lower, stepping down and forming bear-flag wedges, and only in the last ten minutes did they bounce off the lows to close slightly off the lows for the day. Net on the day, the Dow was actually up 68.35 at 19,191.93. The S&P 500 was down 7.73 at 2191.08, 11 points off its high. The Nasdaq 100 was down 76.72 at 47

AdviceTrade Launches for Optimizing Options Trades

We are proud to announce that AdviceTrade in partnership with Gilburt Financial Services  and Leo Valencia have teamed to launch, which features a proprietary tool for picking the optimal strike and expiration when trading options.
The tool was developed by Valencia, an electrical engineer formerly with Bell Labs and Cadence Design who holds a PhD in physics from Stanford University.
The Gamma Optimizer site also features a trading room where members can interact live with Leo and receive his options trade ideas and analysis of options related to the S&P 500, Metals & Individual Stocks.
"Leo has been posting regularly in our room, where members know how knowledgeable and incredibly useful his options posts have been," says Richard Hefter, AdviceTrade president.  "We truly believe that all options traders will hugely benefit from what he has to offer on his own dedicated site for options traders." is offering a charter member discount rate (discounted by $20/month) along with a free 7-day trial for those who sign up by December 5.
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