AdviceTrade Launches New Website

AdviceTrade has launched a new company Website to showcase its expanding offering of technical analysis services and online communities for stock market traders.

The new AdviceTrade site highlights the company's analyst team and depth of stock market coverage, along with the proprietary technology it developed that underlyies its live, interactive Trading Rooms.

"We are both a stock market research firm highly respected for our prescient market calls and an Internet technology company that has created an advanced kind of 'Twitter' for traders," said Richard Hefter, AdviceTrade president. "No where on the Web can thousands of traders interact live with the depth of market analysis and ease of enagagement that we offer.”

The new site also features the company's latest news and developments, along with a showcase of its vast distribution channels and partnerships.

"We are constantly seeking to expand the channels for distributing our free content and familiarizing more traders with our analysts," said Hefter. "In addition, we seek partnerships that give our members better options and pricing in terms of stock market trading tools.”