EWT to Launch Crypto Currency Service

Due to high demand and many requests, we are proud to announce the start of a crypto currency service on our Elliottwavetrader.net service. To lead this new service, we have brought on Ryan Wilday ("rwilday"), whom many members in our EWT room have traded with on our site this past year.  

Ryan has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to crypto currency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015.  

Today he melds his deep knowledge of the crypto currency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.  Ryan's service will be opening in August of 2017 and we will be providing more details in the coming weeks about his service.