Executive Team

Richard Hefter, President

Richard founded AdviceTrade in July 2001. A graduate of Stanford University and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, Richard began his business publishing career at Cahners Publishing Company, where he was twice awarded the Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Award, the Pulitzer of the trade press. As a communications associate at Northwestern University in the mid-1990's, he was involved in the early migration from print to online publishing in overseeing the Office of Development's first Website. Just prior to AdviceTrade, Richard was editor-in-chief of the financial news site, AmericaInvest.com. Online Investor Magazine named him one of the Top 25 financial columnists on the Web in its October 2000 issue, and his business articles appeared in Red Herring, Morningstar, MarketWatch, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Magazine and Newsday. Since its launch in July 2001, AdviceTrade has grown into a family of online investing publications used daily by thousands of traders in more than 40 countries around the world.

Jeff Kay, Senior Vice President, Technology & Partner

Jeff joined AdviceTrade in November 2001, shortly after its founding. As Senior Vice President, Technology, he has overseen the company's growth from a single Web site into a family of financial sites, which Jeff and his team have designed, developed and managed. AdviceTrade's proprietary "Trading Rooms" are the product of Jeff's engineering and ingenuity. Prior to AdviceTrade, Jeff served as Director of Technology at Digital Bridge, where he developed a number of websites, many in the financial space, and corporate intranets. A trained musician and performing saxophonist, Jeff studied music at Northern Arizona University prior to embarking on computer programming. After college, Jeff worked at Canyon WebWorks, where he developed a number of notable websites, including sites for the National Park Service (Grand Canyon), Teva Sandals, and the medical division of Gore-Tex Fabrics. A developer of applications for Linux, Jeff was featured in the March 2001 Linux Journal.

Thomas Sweeney, Vice President Client Relations

A proud Buffalo, NY native who received his Bachelors & Masters in Economics from SUNY Buffalo, Tom joined AdviceTrade in 2011 and has helped manage, in his customer relations role, a nearly 8-fold growth in members. Tom has also been critical in helping design the user experience in AdviceTrade's growing number of Trading Rooms, synthesizing customer input in combination with his own insights as a trader and his 10 years of experience working at financial Websites. Hands down, he says, the best part of his job is working directly with customers and getting to see the markets and Websites through their eyes. When not helping members or working on improving the site, you will find Tom spending time with his wife, walking his dog, visiting family & friends, volunteering, or "hacking away" on a golf course.

Analyst Co-Publishers

Harry Boxer, Co-Publisher, TheTechTrader

Harry Boxer co-founded TheTechTrader.com with AdviceTrade in 2001, providing one of the first live trading rooms on the Web. A 45-year veteran technical analyst and stock picker, Harry is author of Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), named by Stock Trader's Almanac as the "2015 Best Investment Book of the Year." Harry is a popular speaker at financial forums and conferences in the U.S. and internationally, including The Traders Expo and World Money Show, and widely syndicated on sites including MarketWatch, TheStreet, Minyanville, DecisionPoint, and more.

Avi Gilburt, Co-Publisher, ElliottWaveTrader

Avi Gilburt co-founded ElliottWaveTrader.net with AdviceTrade in 2011. A lawyer and accountant by training, Avi is also managing member of Gilburt Financial Services, LLC, which provides financial markets analysis and consulting. Avi emphasizes a comprehensive reading of charts and wave counts that is free of personal bias or predisposition. He is particularly known for identifying a standardized method for determining whether movement within the market is going to be a 5-wave move as opposed to a 3-wave move. This method, known as "Fibonacci Pinball," has been called by some as "the single most useful addition the Elliott Wave lexicon" and "one of the most profound discoveries in EW analysis."

Avi is a popular speaker at financial forums and conferences in the U.S. and internationally, including The Traders Expo and Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Conference, and widely syndicated on sites including MarketWatch, TheStreet, Seeking Alpha, Nasdaq.com, Forbes and more. He was the #1-read metals analyst for 3 years on Seeking Alpha, and is consistently among the top-followed contributors to MarketWatch's Trading Deck. One of the main reasons Avi has been among the most widely followed metals analyst in the world has been due to his accuracy. In 2011, those that heeded his warning of a top to the metals market exited the market within $6 of the all-time high struck in gold. And in October 2015, he suggested those that followed his analysis begin to move back into metals and mining stocks again. In the equity markets, while most were concerned about a market crash at the end of January of 2016, Avi was suggesting that a global melt-up was about to take hold in US equity markets and emerging markets. And, as we know, the US equity markets and emerging markets rallied strongly from February until September.

Mike Paulenoff, Co-Publisher, MPTrader

Mike co-founded MPTrader with AdviceTrade in 2003. He has been involved in the world financial markets for three decades since his graduation from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1979. Early in his career he analyzed the fundamental and technical aspects of the financial and commodity futures markets for Smith Barney, Harris Upham, and for Drexel, Burnham, Lambert. From 1988 to 1993 he was President of MJ Capital Inc., a market analysis and trading firm, which advised clients involved in the financial futures and commodity markets. In 1992-93, he co-authored The Business-One Irwin Guide to the Futures Markets (with Stanley Kroll). Republic National Bank recruited Mike in January 1994, for the position of strategic trader, and market analyst on the bank's trading floor, which included analysis and trading of instruments in foreign exchange, emerging markets, stock indices, and precious metals. In February 1999, Michael founded MJP Market Strategies, Inc., a financial market advisory firm. In addition, from August 2000 through August 2001, he was the chief on-air market consultant and strategist for JAGfn, a live, daily 8-hour financial market webcast and cable TV show produced by Jagnotes, Inc. Mike's articles and commentaries are widely distributed on sites such as MarketWatch, Real Money, and Nasdaq.

Contributing Analysts

Carolyn Boroden, who is renowned for her expertise in Fibonacci price and timing analysis, joined our ElliottWaveTrader analyst team in December 2019. She is a technical analyst and author of Fibonacci Trading, published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. Carolyn has been involved in the trading industry since 1978, starting on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Her work is often featured on the "Off The Charts" segment of CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Dr. Cari Bourette Dr. Cari Bourette provides daily S&P 500, crude oil, gold, and USD forecasts on ElliottWaveTrader based on her proprietary Market Mood Indicator. "DrCari," as she is known in our Trading Room, has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, MS in Geoscience, MS in Counseling, and BS in Physics. Her sentiment analysis is based on 10 years of research into converting social mood information into numerical data, and, in turn, converting Internet search trends to stock market forecasting.

Michael Golembesky is a senior analyst at ElliottWaveTrader, focusing on Forex, the SPX and VXX. He began his trading journey as a SOES trader in the late 90's. In 2005 he began trading the Forex markets at which time he was first introduced to Elliott Wave analysis. In 2012 he joined EWT where he further honed his knowledge of Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci Pinball. Michael also has an extensive background in real estate investing and finance, having spent close to 10 years working in this field.

Zachary Mannes is the lead analyst for Stock Waves, a premium service within the ElliottWaveTrader Trading Room that provides wave alerts and trade set-ups on individual stocks. One of the founding members of the EWT site, Zac began working in finance as an investment adviser in 2008, and adopted Elliott Wave Theory. He continues to push the boundaries on how sentiment drives the perception of fundamentals and how some fundamentals can influence sentiment, while focusing on a bottom up micro approach filtering through charts & EW counts on hundreds of individual stocks.

Princely Mathew covers market internals and sentiment at ElliottWaveTrader. Princely, who has been actively trading since 2003, was the second-place finisher in the 2015 World Cup Championship of Futures TradingĀ®. (Registered mark of Robbins Trading Company's affiliate Robbins Financial Group.) Trading part time initially, Princely used to work within the IT industry in various organizations until 2012 before switching careers to become a full-time trader. He offers expertise in Open Interest analysis, Yield and Market Internals/Breadth work and Hurst Cycles analysis.

Luke Miller provides Bayesian timing analysis and alerts on a range of markets, including the equity indices, energy and metals, at ElliottWaveTrader. An Associate Professor of Economics & Business at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, Luke has active traded the Bayesian timing system since 2007. The proprietary system analyzes options pricing to determine market direction and provide more reliable market timing than traditional cycles analysis. It most recently won Best Presentation Award at the 18th International Conference on Business & Finance in Paris in 2016.

Victor Nguyen hosts the Index Quant Signals service at ElliottWaveTrader. Trading has been Victor's passion since he won his first stock trading competition in the 5th grade. Since then, he has placed 2nd in a worldwide virtual trading competition, with 300,000 participants. In 2008, Victor sold his insurance agency to pursue his true calling of becoming a full time day trader. Currently, his trades attain a positive 70% success rate. He bases his trading decisions on signals he gets from his proprietary trading system he created based on a fractal algorithm.

Garrett Patten is a senior analyst to ElliottWaveTrader and host of World Markets, a premium service within the site's Trading Room that covers 9 international markets. These markets include: FTSE100, DAX, Euro STOXX 50, Nikkei, Hang Seng, India's Nifty 50, Mexico's IPC Index, Brazil's Bovespa & Australia's ASX 200. Garrett's focus is primarily on U.S. and international equity indices, and demonstrating the capabilities of unconventional technical analysis.

Lyn Alden Schwartzer provides analysis on select large, mid and small-cap stocks within our Stock Waves service at EWT. With a background blending engineering and finance, Lyn uses a dispassionate long-term quantitative and qualitative approach to filter through the noise and find value in stocks and markets around the world. Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy and a popular contributor on Seeking Alpha, Lyn provides market research to tens of thousands of individual investors and financial professionals per month. Her specialties include monitoring developments in the business cycle, analyzing various approaches to asset allocation, and covering stocks and international ETFs.

Leonardo Valencia hosts the Gamma Optimizer service at EWT, where he provides options education and trade set-ups, as well as access to his proprietary Gamma Optimizer tool. The tool helps traders pick the option strike and expiration that maximize returns for a particular move in the underlying. Leo, who also has developed a deep learning algorithm that seeks to predict 1% upside moves in the SPX within a 5-session period, is an electrical engineer formerly with Bell Labs and Cadence Design, and holds a PhD in physics from Stanford University.

Ricky Wen provides ES Trade Alerts on ElliottWaveTrader. He is a full time trader and mentor who has been trading professionally for seven years, and focuses on stock options and the E-mini S&P 500 futures. He is known for his mastery of candlesticks trading, moving averages, chart patterns and feedback loops. He developed his own proprietary Hourly Extreme Oversold/Overbought signals and currently holds an executed win rate of 80.2% from over 200 trades sample size across multiple instruments within a 5 year span.

Larry White is a featured analyst at ElliottWaveTrader focusing on mining stocks. Larry joined as a member of EWT in October 2012 and quickly shifted his focus to mining stocks as well as the GDX and GDXJ mining ETFs. Prior to trading, Larry held management and executive roles for organizations such as Toshiba, ISOETEC, and Panasonic.

Ryan Wilday hosts the Cryptocurrency Trading premium service at ElliottWaveTrader. He has over 17 years experience trading equities, futures and options. He was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. Though he read Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle in the early 2000's, he didn't make practical use of the theory until joining EWT in 2015. Today he melds his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball.

Arkady Yakhnis is a featured analyst at ElliottWaveTrader focusing on precious metals, energy, and forex. A graduate of Moscow State University, he ran an investment consulting firm, managing private accounts, and also worked in the industrial equipment (induction heating) industry prior to his work at EWT.